Wall Street Hits New Highs as Main Street Holds the Bag.

 First, the Good News


Trump,Today on the Stock Market. 

"They** know that we know what we're doing, so it's going up at a record clip."

Depicted: They**

**Alternatively: This could just be Yellen's replacement. Note the glued paws on CTRl- P buttons. We're not sure.

It is also obvious that when "they" let the market slip 500 points lower, Trump will be tweeting, "MY BAD" right?

Donald: Pay no mind to the 8 year up stock market under Obama. Also ignore the 400 put rip when HRC was the presumptive winner. To believe otherwise one would have to understand that the market is not POTUS dependent. Iphone 8 might be wireless, BTW.


All Time Highs Today: S&P,Dow, Nasdaq, MidCap 400 , Russell 2k 


Pretty cool huh? Here are some more bullets

  • GOLDMAN SACHS CLOSES AT RECORD, ECLIPSING 2007 PRE-CRISIS HIGH- history does not repeat itself. But it does hum the same tune

Ignore the cartoon date. Did I mention the Iphone may be water-proof?

  • Buffett closed John Deere position, 21.1M shares- who did he sell to?- the buying was bi-partisan thankfully. 

They bought John Deer today...

And so did they...

So why all the Trump Hate?


Dear Trump Haters:

  • -Stocks were up 8 years under Barry
  • -They ripped 400 points in July when HRC was in the lead. 

And yet you lost. How? 


The US Economy Under GWB and Barry O.

GW Bush sucked in a way few can. And it would be my pleasure to blame him for the current state of our organic economy. Remember "Green shoots" and  "We're turning a corner"? Good times. But at least W had an excuse. Bush was a plutocrat idiot with Daddy issues who spent his whole life failing upward. (Oil, Rangers, Potus). But Obama was worse for the economy. Simply because he had a mandate to change what W had done. And he chose not to.

Obama became the biggest Wall Street bagman of all time. After selling us on an image, he blew it.  Eight years of higher stocks and the economy is still shit. That is why Trump won in no small part.

Sources in the White House described to me in 2008 the inane questions O asked about finance during the crisis. And I just wouldn't believe them. I was still hopeful. But his actions sadly proved the source was right. 

Obama's crisis decisions were based on potential votes, not on fixing the problems in our financial system. During the Chrysler bankruptcy, Obama violated the Fifth Amendment and more. He inverted constitutional contract law in bond contracts. He actually broke the law at which he is expert. His Messiah Complex permitted him to ignore his ethics. Which is why Hillary lost. Because it was still "about the economy stupid".


Obama Elected Trump

Consider this as possible. Stocks do not represent the economy anymore. Stocks are higher as a function of Zirp, QE, and Corporatist (as opposed to capitalist) policies. And Obama did not help the economy.

If Obama had been half as good for the economy as all these rainbow farting unicorn corporatist democrats believe, Clinton would have CRUSHED Trump. So you can thank Obama in no small part for Trump as Potus. 


Worst Potus Ever?

It is quite possible that Bush and Obama were the 2 worst presidents in history. And now with Trump we’re looking at a total of 3 consecutive self-centered egomaniacs with varying degrees of talent running this country. 


But Trump's a Fascist 

Grow up. Fascism is state control of corporations. The USA is a Corporatocracy. The Gov't is controlled by the companies.  That is why who the President is does not matter in the short run for the economy. Here's Warren and pals on the topic.

 Trump is doing what every other president did before him. He's just not hiding it from you. He's telling you. And that threatens the wall of denial you have between reality and your identity politics. Did I mention the new Iphone has superior battery life?


Are you better now then you were 8 years ago?

How about 16? How about 8 years from now?  Lets check the new crop of College graduate potential on that.

Sorry. Play again next generation. Iphone 9 will have no home button and a full faced screen!!


Authoritarianism is the issue, not Conservatism or Liberalism. The Authority is the corporations that back the politicians.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Soren K. 

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