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We are dedicated to bringing individual investors news, insights from 'inside' sources, and perspectives you won’t find anywhere else. Let’s face it – the mainstream media has failed miserably in its responsibility to provide unbiased perspectives on important events.


Marketslant.com is your opportunity to take back the power from the crooked politicians and Wall Street cronies forcing their own agendas onto the masses. Sometimes anonymous – and often irreverent – our contributors help ensure that you receive a wide array of viewpoints…not just spoon-'fed' (pun intended) government statistics and commentary.


Instead of commentary and “research” that is often influenced – or outright paid for – we bring you insights from investors and experts from the front lines.


More importantly…visiting, reading and posting on Marketslant.com is  easy – and should you chose, completely anonymous – way for you to take back the power from those who have failed and deceived the public at every opportunity. 


Rest assured that your anonymity is guaranteed.  Reading or posting on Marketslant.com may be done using your given name, under a pseudonym or entirely anonymous.  We do not track or log personal information of any kind and we go out of our way to ensure that your identity remains a secret, if you so desire.


Marketslant.com is YOUR platform to expose corruption or share news without fear of being exposed…and it’s YOUR platform to get the straight story without any government or public relations "spin" on it - B.S. not included... 



Our commitment to you is that our independence, skepticism and passion will shine through in all of our content.