'CalExit Ain't Happening According to Plan' - Brady

CalExit Ain't Happening According to Plan

Written and submitted by Brian Brady

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I've written a lot about #CalExit, the California response to the election of President Trump.  #CalExit is more than the ballot initiative to secede from the United States; it's a political movement, by the Democratic supermajority in our state and local governments, to nullify any of his actions:1- The California Legislature voted to resist him publicly.2- Federal elected officials, from California, refused to attend President Trump's inauguration3- Just yesterday, the San Diego City Council (including 4 of 5 Republicans) voted to sue the President for his immigration policyThe plan is to delegitimize the President's victory over Hillary Clinton and, as an active republican volunteer in San Diego, it appalls me that local Republicans would aid the effort.  Guess what?  It ain't working.

Arizona leaders are aiming to get California businesses to move to the Grand Canyon State as part of its "California 100" campaign.  SOURCE: Mike Luery/KCRA

For every idiotic, symbolic move our state and local elected officials make, a business leaves California.  Two dozen companies** signaled their intent to move from California, to the more business-friendly, neighboring states:

“If you took a white board and said, how can we make it difficult, how many agencies can we layer on, California is just as complex as it can be,” Woods said. “It’s not an employer-friendly state. And to that end, it’s more difficult -- definitely more costly to operate in.”

Of all the states, California ranks dead last for policy friendliness, with key negatives for high taxes, high workers compensation costs and high electricity costs, according to the most recent report from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council. 

**[EDIT- As Brian notes above, the exodus has already begun- SK]:

The day after Proposition 30 passed, triggering $6 billion in new annual taxes, Arizona launched a campaign to lure some of California’s top companies.

KCRA 3 has learned that 24 chief executives are flying to Phoenix, Ariz., to explore the land of lower taxes and a much friendlier business environment. - KCRA

#CalExit has already started among the producer class.  When (and if) the moocher class decides to secede from the United States, there will be nobody left to support it.


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