'BoomerCare' Is Here to Stay- Demographics Don't Lie


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BoomerCare will not be Repealed

Why? Because once implemented, politicians only substitute. They never remove. Maybe "Obamacare" will be repealed. But whatever replaces it will be a different version of what came before. The Swamp is only interested in moving deck chairs around for you while they quietly secure their spots on the baby boomer exit life boat. The bagholders are everyone after the Boomers.

This is What Liberal Boomers Leave in their Wake

Conservative Boomers make a business from it, line their pockets with profits and pay their non-boomer employees crap.

Boomers are About Boomers First

There are only 2 types of people that get catered to in the USA now: The Rich Boomers, and the Poor Boomers. There are no Middle Class Boomers to speak of.

  • Rich Boomers: do not give a shit about health care.
  • Poor Boomers: Need BoomerCare and will get it so the rich political boomers can stay in office.

BoomerCare will be replaced by BoomerCare Light, RINO-BoomerCare, Elitist-BoomerCare, Libertarian BoomerCare or some other moniker created to distract you from the truth. Politicians cannot remove something once it has been added. Deal with it. 

The Market Will Fix Everything.. And it Won't Be Pretty

We're here to tell the Libertarians: HANG IT UP. Market clearing events will happen one way or another. Maybe not on an your timeline. But clearing events will happen. It always ends in 1 of 3 ways. Poverty, Death, or Collapse

  1. POVERTY:  The Baby Bust, Gen X, Gen Y, and Millennial Groups hold the bag and exist at a lower standard of living. (Zombie Existence)
    • taxes, inflation, lies, and inferior standards are the methods
  2. DEATH: By War
    • the ultimate market clearing, de-complexifying event.
    • social stratification levels flatten and people are all reduced to the same thing. Humans -Fight Club post debt erasure
  3. SOCIETAL COLLAPSE: . In which event  centralized constructs disappear and simpler but functioning entities take their place- Fight Club again
    • EU- collapses, nation states re-emerge
    • US- Entitlement systems don't just get worse as in 1 above. They totally break
    • Emerging Markets- regress to war lords and anarchy

It's Demographics Stupid

Since we got involved in finance, demographics were taught to us as the greatest macro indicator of trends. And the Boomer generation was like a pig being digested in the timeline of a snake. Where ever they were age-wise, they distorted things. Diapers, Housing, 401Ks, Stocks, Gyms, Ecology, Yoga, pharmaceuticals, Knitting, TV Land, and coming soon: Long-Term Healthcare and Death.

Their numbers, demographics, and pure narcissistic, selfish avarice drive whatever age group they inhabit. They are the spoiled children of the greatest generation. Screw them. But hey, we're no "Boomerists" Most of our families are Boomers. We even have friends that are Boomers! (black, gay, asian, hispanic etc.) 

But whether GOP or Dem, the Boomer Elitists' mentality and their unchecked selfishness is a plague on future generations who stand to  inherit the post Woodstock mud puddle filled with  trash and hollow slogans while they took care of themselves at every point in the timeline. The Progressive footprint as exemplified as depicted post Woodstock is really no different than their GOP brethren who alleviate their own guilt by throwing a quarter in a homeless guy's cup.

  • The Left- sold out their ideals for a 401k and a BMW 700 series. They were self interested sell-outs.
  • The Right- turned Leftist ideals into product and sold it to everyone. They were knowingly selfish

If You Never Saw Fight Club

Fight Club was a nihilistic approach to rebelling against the social stratification imposed by Boomers on the next generation. e.g.-"You are not your khakis". I actually saw Tyler Durden's nasty bathrobe in a Macy's window in New York. They were trying to co-opt the point of the movie and sell it back. Thank G-d it didn't work.

How You Can Help Your Grandchildren Right Now

If you want to do something for the next generation do this: Kill the marketers.* Find the marketers who are in the boomer age group and just kill them. They are the ones who are selling status as essence of being. Let people evolve without having some other person's idea of what they should be shoved down their throat. Marketers include

  • religious evangelicals,
  •  warmongers seeking to spread democracy making it safe for corporate profits,
  • Central Bankers who levitate stocks just long enough for Boomers to exit their 401Ks
  •  anyone else who strives to create a need that you did not know existed before that marketing asshole showed up. 

How to Profit Off The Boomers' Demise

Find a way to get long the AARP as an investment. Because in a few years they will be the single most powerful lobbying organization in the country. The Boomers will swell their ranks and fill their coffers. It will be electric wheelchairs and "clapper" light switches for everyone through Medicare.

Then invest in a nursing home, hospice or funeral home. They will die... someday. And when they do, we will be able to rebuild post the Boomer locust swarm. 

The irony here is that even the liberal Boomers ascribe to the Ayn Rand philosophy of Egoism. These self-proclaimed progressives are ignorantly selfish.

Goldman Says BoomerCare Repeal Will Be Delayed

Goldman outlines below why they think ObamaCare's repeal will be delayed. For us, the delay is permanent. Government is additive by nature. Libertarians continually push on a string trying to reduce it and the accompanying complexity. Hang it up. The markets will self clear one of three ways as outlined above. Death or "lost generations" is how complexity gets reduced in real life. 

Via Zerohedge: Goldman Sachs: CBO Estimates Could Slow Passage of Obamacare Replacement Bill

BOTTOM LINE: CBO’s estimates of the Obamacare replacement legislation's effects on coverage were somewhat worse than expectations and suggest changes are likely to be necessary before the bill can pass the Senate. We continue to expect enactment of ACA replacement this year but probably not by the early April deadline that Republican leaders have highlighted.


  1. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its estimate of the effect of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). It estimates that the bill, which replaces the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) would reduce the federal deficit by $337bn over the next ten years and would reduce coverage by 24 million by 2026.
  2. The estimates of coverage loss are at the more negative end of expectations. CBO had previously estimated that repeal of the individual mandate would reduce coverage by 15 million by 2026; combined with other changes in the bill, CBO’s new estimate is that 24 million fewer individuals would have insurance coverage than under current law by 2026, or nearly all of the coverage expansion CBO attributed to the ACA. This reduction would occur over several years; in 2018, the coverage decline is estimated at 14 million, due mainly to the proposed elimination of the individual insurance mandate; the subsequent decline would be due mainly to the phase-out of the ACA’s Medicaid expansion.
  3. The fiscal estimates contained few major surprises. The bill as a whole is estimated to reduce the budget deficit by $337bn over ten years (through 2026). Phasing out the Medicaid expansion would reduce spending by $880bn over ten years. Another $673bn in savings is attributed to the elimination of the subsidies in the individual insurance market, but this would be nearly offset by new tax credits, grants to states, and the revenue loss associated with repeal of the individual and employer mandates. The repeal and/or delay of the taxes established by the ACA would increase the deficit by $592bn/10yrs, resulting in net budgetary savings of $337bn.
  4. Individual market premiums are projected to rise and then fall. In the short-run (prior to 2020), the estimate suggests that premiums are expected to rise by 10-15% more than without the legislation. This is a notable finding, since Republican leaders had already raised concerns about high premiums under the program. However, in the longer run (in 2020 and beyond) CBO estimates the bill would lower the average premium by 10% relative to current law, as higher premiums and reduced enrollment for older people would be offset by lower premiums and greater enrollment among younger people. Funding for states to limit the costs to insurers of high-cost patients and the loosening of benefit rules also contribute to the lower estimated premiums.
  5. The details of the CBO report make passage somewhat more difficult, in our view. While few aspects of the CBO estimate are surprising many Republican lawmakers who were already willing to support the bill are likely to continue to support it, the new estimate could lead some uncommitted Republicans to oppose the bill unless additional changes are made. Additional changes to the bill are likely, in our view, before it reaches the House floor the week of March 20. The greater obstacle remains the Senate, where the bill is unlikely to come up for a vote until the week of March 27, at earliest. While it is possible that ACA replacement legislation could reach the President’s desk in April, as Republican leaders have predicted, a delay until May or later continues to look more likely, particularly in light of today’s CBO estimate.

Full ZH Post here 

Boomers: Short of Soylent Green, there is no way they don't leave this world taking more than they gave. They are the antithesis of the great generation.

Good Luck

-Soren K.


* No-one is advocating physical violence of any kind. It is a metaphor. If you are stupid enough to not recognize a metaphor and take what was written above literally, then you are a person with low intelligence, poor impulse control, and no morals to begin with.  We are simply saying, the business of marketing contributes greatly to selfish, status seeking behavior. It clouds what is truly important in life and substitutes it with some car, clothes or shiny bauble. 

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