‘Most predictable aspect of Trump is unpredictability’ – Noam Chomsky

Famed author, linguist and social critic Noam Chomsky comments on President-elect Donald Trump and what he thinks it’ll mean for the country.

“The most predictable aspect of Trump is unpredictability. I think it’s dangerous, very dangerous,” he told Al-Jazeera on Friday.

“There’s never been anything like it.”

Chomsky highlights that Trump has no background in politics, has never held office and has not been clear on where he stands on key policy issues.

“We don’t know what’s in his mind. I suspect he doesn’t know what’s in his mind,” he said.

Chomsky even comments on the media’s coverage of this U.S. election cycle, claiming that Trump was given “enormous” publicity just because it helped with ratings.

“But that’s not the most serious thing, the real treachery of the media in this election was to avoid issues totally,” he said.

Another concern on Chomsky’s mind is of course the political system in the U.S., which he says he’d like to see reformed.

“The American political system happens to be pretty regressive in its structure,” he explained. “The entire system of apportionment of delegates happens to give extra power to rural areas, which happen to be mostly conservative, Republican.”

“It should be changed.”

However, it was really the topic of Climate Change that he felt the urge to talk about during his 25-minute interview. According to Chomsky, on the same day the U.S. President was elected, the World Meteorological Organization released a report on just how dire the global climate situation is, and yet no media reported on it. 

With Trump now headed to the White House, Chomsky is concerned how the Republicans will deal with the situation – a party known for a history of denying climate change as a real issue.

“Clinton’s programs are not good enough but they’re better than Obama’s,” Chomsky said. “For the case of Trump, it’s radically the opposite. It is certainly a radical setback.”

But, Trump is not to blame entirely, Chomsky explained. “It’s not just him, it’s the whole Republican Party that either said it’s [climate change] not happening or we shouldn’t do anything about it.”

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