Major Obama Unwind, Trump Kills Paris Accord

President Trump to Withdraw from Paris Climate Accord

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In a move that has been referred to as a major move in unraveling Obama’s climate legacy, President Trump has decided to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. He has tasked a small team headed by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt with executing the withdrawal from the accord. Trump’s reasons for withdrawing from the Paris deal include the “America First” policies that will put American businesses and American jobs first.

Trump may have been influenced by the 22 senators who signed a letter calling for a clean exit from the climate accord and conservative supporters who participated in an anti-Paris climate accord campaign led by Pruitt. Global leaders who support the deal were not as unified in pushing for the United States to remain as part of the deal or at least stay at the negotiating table.

He has apparently been considering the matter for weeks, but gave no clues about his final decision beyond expressing doubts about the deal until the official announcement of his decision was made.

Keeping Campaign Promises

This may be a step in keeping Trump’s campaign promise to reduce the regulatory burden on businesses. These days, most savvy businesses want to look like they operate in a sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion. However, most small businesses bear the brunt of compliance costs and have to navigate confusing and often contradictory environmental regulations. By refusing to add to these regulations, President Trump can better focus on helping business owners and that can include focusing more on simplifying the regulatory code.

By withdrawing from this accord and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Trump can focus on renegotiating international agreements if it seems desirable to do so but can do it in a way that protects American business interests. Detractors of the Paris deal have said that some other nations do not intend to abide by the deal and will find ways to cheat so that they can gain a competitive edge in global markets. Although the United States might negotiate in good faith, Trump has no reason to sabotage the ability of American businesses to compete in global markets simply to cater to climate change alarmists.

Although some media outlets have made much of the fact that the United States is now one of three countries refusing to support the Paris climate accord, Trump is simply refusing to lead the United States and its economy off a cliff simply because nearly everybody else is signing the accord.

It’s Not A Bad Thing That Climate Alarmists Don’t Always Get Their Way

Hey, I like whales and little baby koalas too. However, climate change alarmists don’t want you to think about the fact that the Planet Earth has been through both ice ages and warmer periods in the past and human industrial activity had nothing to do with it. The climate is quite capable of changing on its own. Solar activity, volcanoes and the occasional massive asteroid strike are also factors that can affect the climate and they are capable of having more of an effect than humans do.

Anyway, protecting the interests of ordinary people and business owners is not necessarily always about the next quarterly earnings report. It’s also about protecting human dignity against verbal and psychological assaults coming from people who want you to hate yourself for living and having a dignified lifestyle. We get it; people can’t always afford to buy organic produce and every environmentally friendly product in existence. This doesn’t mean that these people don’t care. It just means that they aren’t in a position where they can buy the more expensive products.

Climate Change | President Trump Withdraws From Paris Climate Accord

If you have enough to eat, clothes that fit and are in good condition, and a roof over your head, you’re doing better than a lot of people around the world but you don’t need to feel at all guilty about it. You aren’t personally at fault for the fact that the climate changes and the world can sometimes be a messed up place. A decision to do without the good things in life will not help a starving child in Africa and neither will it stop the temperature from being a little warmer this year than it was last year. Climate change is a cycle that has been going on long before our ancestors were even recognizable as anything resembling a human. Anyway, Earth has gotten pretty good at rebounding from things like extreme swings in temperature and mass extinctions.

So don’t let the climate alarmists tell you not to live your life in a dignified fashion and don’t let them make you think that President Trump is an evil person simply because he refused to let other world leaders dictate to him regarding climate change. The Paris climate accords may have been flawed anyway and this gives the United States more leeway to protect its own interests.

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