We apologize for speling erors


Submitted for your acceptance, a horrible speller.

Comments, Emails, fly over drones, and sky writing airplanes have been sending a message.


We'd like to acknowledge that and make efforts to correct it.

But first our excuses- Hillary gave us some help here

  1. A trading career in which most communication is done via Instant Messaging where speed  is valued over accuracy has left one of us with typing skills on par with a Dr.'s handwriting.- true. otc deals are negotiated on IM and closed on phone calls.
  2. The blog model has no spellcheck in the document creation section yet- true, but no excuse
  3. We felt it was more important to get the story out than to check for spelling errors-  whoops
  4. At least one of us has a touch of dyslexia
  5. Microsoft 10 did it- true... ok, maybe not

We understand after reading our own work  that plodding through uncorrected spelling errors detracts from your reading enjoyment. It gets in the way of the message we are trying to convey and generally is annoying. We will do better. In fact a new transcriber has been brought in to ensure accuracy. 


Soren K., Doug Piranha, Dinsdale Piranha

- Soren K.



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