Welcome New MarketSlant Writers

Welcome New MarketSlant Writers



The response to our "call to arms" has been excellent. we want to help everyone who has something to say get it out there. For the moment, 3 writers stand out and we want to get their stuff up asap.

We will help everyone that has something to say. Tuesday we want to start endorsing these voices.

Keep them coming.





We took a trek to the Bakken since oil is higher to get some color on rig counts, profitability, and how soon these shale producers could really get pumping again. The best insights came from pipeline welders. We hope to share these next week. Bottom line from a pipeline welder:

-there is no "on-off" switch.

- the pipeline under protest is "the biggest natural disaster waiting to happen ever"



found some nice value in Benelli shotguns. The Arbitrageur in us wants to start buying here and selling to collectors back east



black hills gold mines



- cattle industry is in recession.

-Calf prices 1/2.last years prices

- No one really knows why

- boom and bust is reason. 



- different perspectives on the election

-Trump TV?

- and one crazy one


Deer: this one we let go..


Good Luck



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Victor Vitesse (not verified)


points :

I wear a 14 krt gold chain on my neck. When I bought it 3 years ago, the weight was a little more than 60 grams. Now the weight is 59,91 gram. So, apparently I am growing poorer every day. But this is also the case with a lot of other people, that wear gold. Even more with people that wear high krt /pure gold [which is custom in some countries, especially in India and Asia] We talking actually about maybe even a billion people [1000.000.000] Can anyone say something sensible about this, regarding the amount of gold, that gets lost forever? For I can`t remember reading anything about it, although it has to amount to an enormous quantity of gold, that disappears.