Trump's SCOTUS Pick Is Pretty Cool


We don't know alot about Judge Gorsuch, but if this is any indication, we like him. And in at least one important way it seems they differ. Gorsuch we believe is much more for limiting Presidential powers. He's a checks and balances type guy we think.

Here's Forbes on Neil Gorsuch

Judge Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals is emerging as a front-runner among President Trump’s potential nominees to the U.S. Supreme Court. That would be good news for libertarians and bad news for members of Congress who like to hand broad powers to administrative agencies  – and insulate themselves from accountability to voters who are directly affected by the rules those agencies make.

Gorsuch made his views clear in an unusual concurrence to his own opinion in Gutierrez-Brizuela v. Lynch, a 2016 decision involving judicial review of immigration law. In it, Gorsuch said there was “an elephant in the room” and declared “maybe the time has come to face the behemoth.”

That behemoth is Chevron v. National Resources Defense Council, the 1984 decision establishing the so-called Chevron doctrine under which courts are supposed to defer to federal agencies when it comes to interpreting vague or ambiguous laws defining their responsibilities. Chevron and its progeny matter more today than ever, as President Trump dismantles the mesh of regulations Barack Obama enacted during his term including pro-union labor rules, environmental controls on fossil fuels and how Obamacare is administered. One facet of Chevron deference is agencies are not only given the freedom to determine what the law is, but they can change that interpretation at any time, as Trump seeks to do with the XL Pipeline, immigration law and Obamacare. Full story HERE


We just think this little piece here is cool.


And to those on the left crying about his ideology, grow up. Trump won, he gets to pick.


Good Luck

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