Trump Was Called for MAGA Duty- 'You First'


President Donald Trump's Military Record


"The illustrious military record of our commander in chief. He deserves a Purple Heart for his sacrifice."

He wraps himself in retired military personnel like they were flags themselves.There is a difference between a patriot and a jingoist sheeple.  Look it up- Soren K.

If you question the MSNBC's authenticity, look it up yourself. Trump is a POS when it comes to making anything great that doesn't line his pockets. He is pro business, not pro free markets. Forget left or right, think in terms of authoritarian and libertarian. The only thing trickling down from this guy is the costs of subsidizing his corporate pals.

h/t @anilvohra69 for pic. Anil is a retired UBS options trader from whom we solicit economic analysis from time to time. Follow him for financial market acumen.

Good Luck


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