Today 9:38 AM: War is Declared on Gold- UPDATED


Governments are Run By Border Collies

Central planners can only herd things. Ever see a shepherd dog not allowed to herd? It gets neurotic, and needs a workout of its instinctual behavior or it will suffer. Not unlike the modern IMF official.


Control Trumps Ownership

When the Bretton Woods agreement was enacted, it was done to demonetize Gold, and make way for FIAT currency. Apparently that wasn't enough control, as people could hoard  paper money outside the system. The solution then is to remove/delegitimize all tangible wealth stores.

Governments of the world are now seeking to demonetize any physical representation of money they cannot control. That means the abolition of cash.


Gold Persists

And despite its demotion, Gold has been resurgent as an alternative store of value. That cannot stand. Central planning cannot work with decentralized wealth.  The academic yet idiotic Central Bankers and Supranationals at the helm of this world actually feel they are helping. All they are doing is preventing free markets' the cahnce to self clear. And having seen their tools fail, instead of seeking to revise their opinion, they just reach harder. They have no skin in the game, and feel no consequences of mistakes.

So they will limit your choices. You will be made to heel for your own good.

The joke is, the outlawing of tangible means of storing wealth will only hurt the sheeple who abide. The criminals will continue to live outside the law. In fact, the brown markets will find another way.


UPDATE: India's Government has been working overtime to quell the rumors. Here is the latest on the situation- SK


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