Technicals: pre-Fed Snap


Technical numbers are often thrown away during events. They shouldn't be. Markets respect technical numbers faster during fast markets. in the past, thinking Technicals were useless when trading Silver in the 90's a great trader educated me. He said:

"The numbers are good. Silver just takes too long to hit them. If you want to spec directionally, pick something that turns over faster. The numbers are always good. Its their time frame to respecting them that is different"

And he pointed his craggy old finger to the Oil board. These days, Silver does just fine hitting numbers in a timely fashion. On that note. These numbers were generated last night


Silver- we are investing in Silver now, not trading it

Resist: 1939, 19645*Support: 18985, 1881, 1846

PVT 1964.5

Gold- we like it on a close over 1333

Resist: 132070, 132590, 132990*

Support: 130770?, 130150, 1290


WTI- we're bearish but cautious now that GS has did a short rec yesterday

Resist: 4500+, 4537, 4635*Support: 4362, 4306-4299, 4238

PVT: 46.35


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