Tape Watching - Gold Data and Drivers via George Gero

Gold at three month highs and the Trade Deficit is $502 billion


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Tape Watching

  • We are back to basics and gold is up again on heightened risks: economic and political
  •  Enough [uncertainty] for fund managers and asset allocators [to increase positions]
  • Open interest keeps adding now at 417595,
  • Copper adding at 293621,
  • Silver at 195251
  • Gold options almost up to a million at 994,829.
  • Euro zone risks of elections in France, Germany,
  • Currency woes in India, Venezuela,

Gold So Far

Morning Call Report HERE


Interesting that gold headwinds are ignored. Even Harker from FED adding March to be appropriate for a rate hike.

Bullish signs, higher closes ,higher open interest, higher moving averages and ETF inflows for past five sessions also helping.

Some profit taking is possible as we approach ides of March.


Courtesy of  A.George Gero

RBC Wealth Management

Managing Director




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