If Gold Eats its Dinner- it Gets a QE4 Treat


Markets yesterday took a header on the Consumer Confidence report, but stocks recovered. Traders took it as another brick in the Fed's wall to justify a rate raise in September. It sent money rotating out of Stocks and Oil, and into cash domestically. Meanwhile it served to further strengthen the USD globally. The growing perception that a Fed hike was possible sent stocks lower initially and did not help Oil which was already suffering from supply overhangs. It did not bode well for Dollar priced Precious Metals and anything else priced in dollars. So why the Equity rally afterwards?- SK

Focus: Stocks bounced and Gold did not. Why?

So why did Stocks recover and Gold not if we are looking at a more likely rate hike? Because stocks took their final cue from the increased chance that the JGB will be pushing the pedal to the metal on stimulus. This will levitate global stock markets. Gold chose to focus on the Fed rate hike, while stocks are focusing on the QE to come. Note the first story in the Global News section. Data watchers will take note of ADP's employment change at 8:15 for clues to the Aug Jobs number due Sep 2. Chicago PMI for Aug, and pending home sales will also get some attention, Crude inventories are due out at 10:30. - VBL

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h/t @RampCapitalLLC for pic. Follow for stock market comments and the 3:30 ramp

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