Liberal Logic - We are the Frog

Phase 1: The Data doesn't Fit a Central Banker, Liberal Diplomat, or IMF Official's Theory


Old joke describing happens when a person is married to their ideas


Phase 2: Cure the Frog's Deafness

Our scientist immediately starts studying ways to help the frog hear better. Because clearly, if the frog was not deaf, it would jump. Otherwise the scientist has an outlier on his data. And his theory cant be wrong. It has been working for years.

Don't dare broach things like dynamic equilibrium, or marginal utility, conditional probabilities, or that economic ideas are possibly cyclical to this genius. No way! We must power through. And if we fail, clearly the subject is in denial or ignorant.


Past Performance Guarantees Future Results in Fed Land

Such is the logic of a certain type of Supranational most commonly found in the: IMF, Central Banking, Academia, and relativist thinking.

But the funnest group to observe is the 2nd generation liberals (Gen X age) who dogmatically believe. That's not to say conservatives aren't immune. People are the problem, not politics.

But the fun starts when one asks a 2nd generation liberal why they are a Democrat and watch them squirm. Especially in light of the boomer generation abandoning its progressive ideals for their 401ks and elitist rationalizations. The boomer children, especially the Clinton acolytes, are lost liberals.


My Mother Said So

It is fascinating that some 2nd generation liberals when asked why they are Democrats cant talk about ideas, but rather cite the people whose ideas they adhere to. In one instance, I volunteered to defend my liberal Dem friend on an issue. First I asked him why he was a Democrat before setting out to back him up. His answer to why he was a Democrat was "Because my mother is." Saying anymore would risk my friendship with the guy. 

On Dogmatic Ritual

When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.When goodness is lost, there is morality.When morality is lost, there is ritual.Ritual is the husk of true faith,the beginning of chaos.

Tao Te Ching, 44


It is especially ironic that when one challenges a dogmatic (multicultural, Globalist, self-proclaimed progressive) liberal, they cling to their ideas like a redneck clings to his bible. They wear their ideas like armor. Nothing can penetrate that armor. Consequently nothing new can get in either. They are more interested in CONSERVING their position than PROGRESSING in their thought process. Tolerance is the mantra screamed at the top of their lungs. However, tolerance of an intolerant person's opinion is non-existent. Even if that person is doing no harm except voicing their (ignorant) opinion.


Liberalism is 100% Right in its Ideals- So What?

Let's say for debate that the ideals of liberalism are 100% correct. Does that mean those ideals should be forced upon people not ready to understand them? Ever try to convert someone from their religion against their will? Ever give your car keys to a 5 year old and try to teach him to drive? Ever scream at a frog that just wouldn't listen? So much of these peoples' identity is wrapped up in their ideas it would be unbearable to accept they might be wrong.


Zombie Rosie O'Donnell

This is not unlike the behavior of a cult member. The symptoms of people like Rosie O'Donnell are similar to victims of brainwashing. Worse in Rosie, because she has a stake as leader of the brainwashed. These types know better than you. And that may be true. But do not try to tell Rosie that a person is just not ready for the holy spirit of liberalism to descend upon them. If all else fails scream at them. Or if you are in a position to do so, bomb the crap out of them.


Ken Rogoff is a Leech

Domestically those that know more than us will try to sell us on an idea like "Abolish Cash". When they lose the academic argument, or fail to convince the masses what is in their best interest other means are suggested.

  1. They charge more for ATM use than if you use their app for electronic wiring.
  2. Actually let cash trade at a discount to e-cash (which is what ATM fees are doing anyway)
  3. Remove that pesky "This note legal tender"  from our currency
  4. Discontinue the $100 bill
  5. Try it in India

Rogoff is interviewing for a job in the new administration. He represents to me the worst kind of Supranational. The carpetbagger who gets behind an idea for his own gain, and after others have done the real academic work. The man actually wormed his way on the front of the WGC to sell books. Rogoff pro Gold? Sure as long as its been cusiped and converted into e-Gold we bet.


Pic Title Edited


Final Note- Did Rachel Maddow Actually Cry?

One of the keystones of liberalism is relativism. A concept that implies we cannot know what is absolute good or evil. Admittedly important in learning  to suspend judgment of others and fixing our own faults. I subscribe to that. Only Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Vishnu, the Tao and the Force can know absolute truth.  What I don't subscribe to is perverting that concept as a tool to muddy the waters of truth. We can't know the definition of IS in absolute terms, therefore Bill Clinton was not guilty. 

No, absolute truth exists. And just because we cannot know it does not mean we stop trying to. The world isn't black and white as some conservatives would have you believe. But using the gray for rationalizing unethical behavior is worse. And that is what a lot of Supranationals do. 

On the other end we have Rachel Maddow who was so enamored with her candidate that she cried. Nothing relativistic there. That is a person who believes in her heart she has a monopoly on what is right for you. She has absolute knowledge apparently.


Good Luck


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