Hillary Clinton is Disappointed in You


Background- We Were Wrong

Color us stupid. We voted for Trump. We did so thinking that the utter shock to the Dems would force a reevaluation of their responsibility to the Republic. We also thought the GOP would be forced to retool its thinking.  As traders we constantly are working in the dark, and must be flexible on expectations (trading and other wise) when evidence contrary to them pops up.  Well some things popped up in a big way.


Trump Didn't Get Enough Love as a Child

On Trump we've been forced to acknowledge an outlier idea we had about him. That being he is an outsider who just wants to belong. And that given the first chance to rub elbows with the people he pretended to disdain was the reality. So, the Donald won't change the GOP. In fact teh GOP won't change the Donald. Trump is a happy camper being admitted to the white straight male club. And we missed that. We thought he'd force a change of the GOP's sacred governing duties. But nooo. We got everything right but the conclusion. Trump is needy and the Howard Stern of politics. Daddy issues?-Check. Sexual ambiguity?- Check. Large fragile ego? - Check. But we missed the change over. The moment where Howard went from "angry outsider" to Zen-like "American Idol insider".

Why does that matter? Because some of our trading expactations have ot change as well.


Hillary Got too Much

We were much more sure that a revolution inside the Dems would happen. We were positive that in the interest of survival, the Elite Dems would immediately start looking how to reinvent themselves if for only selfish reasons. That an embracing of Bernie, right or wrong would happen. We believed they would seek to differentiate themselves more from the GOP.  And we were dead wrong. Now we are going with the following path until other info comes along:

  1. Never underestimate the power of an incumbent to ring fence their turf
  2. The nature of all powerful people to an extent is narcissistic and that trait diminishes their ability to see and acknowledge failed ideas.
  3. The lack of empathy, combined with the cocoon of denial they live in enables Rome to burn around them, while they remain oblivious
  4. They will fight to the last sycophant in their employ to keep the fantasy going, as there is too muc hto lose at a certain point.
  5. Hope and Denial are opposite sides of the same coin. To hope for change in the face of hardwired behavior is denial- (Bayesian)

Call it the Pot- Odds of psychology. What's another $5BB after we've committed $100BB already? Works for the Fed Academicians. We were so wrong in our estimation of the emotional intellect of our leaders it sickens us. Implications going backward are even worse. The previous leaders may have been as messed up, but were just better at hiding it. What looked like humility in service was deception.Social media just lays it bare for us now.  Generalizing is dangerous, but it's not crazy. Look at Romney.

The alternative is that like everything else around us, politics is de-evolving. Three generations after WW2, we are in retreat economically, politically, philosophically etc. Witness the complete disaster that is the DNC and Clinton's reaction to their losses. They let Bernie go?! The Narcissist blames.- SK

 Hillary Clinton Just Proved She Learned Nothing from Losing the Election

 Darius Shahtahmasebi and theAntiMedia.org. Following Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the presidential election, the Clinton campaign has been forced to identify a scapegoat responsible for her somewhat surprising defeat.

Clinton herself has decided to lay the blame on FBI director James Comey, namely because he made the decision to revive the agency’s inquiry into her emails only days before Americans took to the polls.

Two things should be noted, however. First, both inquiries resulted in the FBI clearly siding with Clinton despite the fact her emails have raised a number of issues worthy of criminal investigation. Second, Comey, though he is a former Republican, was actually personally appointed by Obama in 2013.

It seems incredibly convenient for Clinton to blame the FBI director’s decision to reinvestigate her for her loss – rather than the fact the FBI had good reason to investigate her.

Essentially, according to Clinton, it’s not her fault that she used a private email server to handle classified information, or that people viewed this as an unacceptable transgression. It’s James Comey’s fault.

It’s not Clinton’s fault that most Americans don’t feel represented by Democrats or Republicans. According to Foreign Policy, it’s the voters’ fault for being ignorant.

It’s not Clinton’s fault she would have led the American people down a road that could have ended in a nuclear war with Russia.

It’s not Clinton’s fault she is wildly unlikeable when compared to Bernie Sanders, whose campaign the DNC and mainstream media succeeded in destroying.

In all seriousness, Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Until the DNC and media giants acknowledge these aspects about her unlikable personality and behavior, she will continue to blame whoever she wants — and the Democratic Party will continue to lose election after election because they advance candidates who fail to resonate with many Americans.

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