Hide your Wallet America, You Lost Monday's Debate

Intro: Gold is a Hedge Against All Politicians, Not Just Donald

-Soren K.

Once voters realize that votes don't matter when  political choices are not real maybe then they will realize there is nothing left to do except hold on to your wallet. Because when the oligarchs who run this country need to ensure their place, your wealth will be confiscated.

How it is done is irrelevant: Inflation, default, debasement, NIRP, outlawing cash, whatever. But the goal will then be to make every person dependent on the banking system for commerce. And you will be sucked dry by fees, taxes, and debt.

If Gold represents financial freedom, then it will be attacked next. Gold is  money without borders, and will have to be controlled through nationalization in some form. It will be taxed, CUSIP labeled (branding), prohibited from being kept in a bank safe deposit box, made non-deliverable against paper Gold, and so forth. The IMF merely has to include it in a new SDR and that immediately makes Gold a nationalized item. Why do you think every CB is accumulating it? Gold is the only money that crosses borders and carries no debt on it. And countries will need it to continue international trade via SDRs or otherwise  If all else fails, it will be confiscated where it can be.


Debate Autopsy: It's a Lose-Lose Proposition

  • Trump is a billionaire who spent his entire career using politicians to make him rich (and powerful)

  • Hillary is a politician who spent her entire career using billionaires to make her powerful (and rich)

Yesterday we wrote an op-ed piece  that reflected our realization that there is no difference between the candidates. This country is already headed to an iceberg and no amount of steering can change what should have been fixed years ago. Those changes are in what we frequently call "market structure" of a system. We offered up that your vote does not count, our choices are made for us, and the only way to survive was to realize that we are utterly on our own.  

Today we find that Nick Bernabe feels the same way.  He  also wrote an op-ed piece in seeming response to his own research. While he does not use finance as his context, his conclusions are the same. His word choices are even better. For example:

From Nick and Antimedia:

"We continue to vote for these people thinking something will somehow change"

From MarketSlant:

"There is No Difference: The US Election is A False Choice

  • Clinton: The Dem candidate is sponsored by Wall Street.- Mother of G-d!
  • Trump: The GOP candidate  will outspend Clinton if elected- Wait, What?

Last night's debate crystallized it for us. There is no leader who is out to help you. There is no savior who will right the economic titanic we are on. The press will not save you. Trump will not save you. Clinton will not save you. You are on your own. Ground zero will be your wallet, your family, and your home."

Today we read and present Nick's scathing editorial on who lost Monday's debate

Who Lost Last Night's Presidential Debate? America Did

  • This country has become an oligarchy
  • The 2 party system prohibits competition leaving us with Trump and Clinton who can hardly out-poll cockroaches
September 27, 2016

 Nick Bernabe and theAntiMedia.org Trump’s supporters and conservative media say he won. Hillary’s supporters and the liberal media say she won. But who lost the presidential debate last night? Well, America did.

America lost because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are among the most unliked candidates in American political history. We lost because Trump is a billionaire who spent his entire career benefiting from politicians to make his fortune. We lost because Hillary is a politician who spent her entire political career benefiting from billionaires to make her powerful (and rich).

America lost because corporate politicians make promises they never deliver on. We lost because both candidates say they are going to change things, but we already know they won’t. We lost because both candidates stood in front of 100 million Americans last night and lied to us with straight faces. We lost because the main reason people are voting for Trump is he’s not Clinton, and the main reason people are voting for Clinton is she’s not Trump.

America lost because the debate was just a highly publicized reality show episode that seemed to focus more on personality wars than policies or ideas. We lost because the few ideas that these candidates do propose are simply stale, old philosophies that have been proven to fail the majority of working Americans for decades. We lost because the two mainstream political parties are almost indistinguishable when it comes to their top priorities (save for wedge social issues, which continue to divide the populace).

America lost because only 9 percent of the population voted for Hillary and Trump in the primaries. We lost because over 40 percent of Americans don’t identify as Democrat or Republican.

America lost because the political discussion has been limited to these two (very unlikable) choices. We lost because Republicans and Democrats have a duopoly over our political system. We lost because the media refuses to give fair coverage to third-party candidates. We lost because 50 percent of us wanted third-party candidates in the debate, but the private corporation that runs the debates refused. We lost because this corporation is deeply entrenched with the two-party system it protects.

America lost because despite the overwhelming unpopularity of Trump and Clinton, paired with Congress’ approval rating, which can hardly out-poll cockroaches (or Nickleback), we continue to vote for these people thinking something will somehow change. We lost because career politicians continue to be reelected at an overwhelming rate despite being completely unrepresentative of their constituents.

America lost because this country has become an oligarchy. We lost because both Trump and Clinton have been longtime members of this ruling class. America will continue to lose the debates. America will also lose the 2016 election because one of these candidates will win. Our only hope is for some kind of drastic change by the time the next election rolls around.

Nick Bernabe and theAntiMedia.org

The Egress

It ends with the public shouldering the burden

The Leader Doesn't Matter: Your Wealth will Be Confiscated

This will not continue. Taxes will go up on individuals to pay for entitlements. Our standard of living will continue to drop as better paying jobs are outsourced. Taxes on paper Gold and other assets like your home will be added. Your wealth will be confiscated. They are telegraphing this to us now. And our voting reasons are the first sign of understanding it.

There is no way out of our liabilities except stealth default

There will be a quiet revolution among taxpayers. And we feel it will be the retired babyboomers who were left behind by their brethren who instigate it. Medicare will not support the mass of retiring people and the system will break. There will be a global reset. Currency debasement will continue, with each circle around the drain increasing in centripetal force. External factors will include the replacement of the USD by a basket of currencies that include Gold. It will happen in the next 20 years and the financial effect will be devastating on holders of paper assets.

National Leadership is Reflected in its Currency

Currency value is a reflection of a country. Which, in turn is a reflection on its leadership. Who among the world's leaders do you trust now? Better yet, who do world leaders trust now? Based on the performance of the FX market the answer is gold.

Which Paper Currency has outperformed Gold this year?

Despite the efforts of Central Banks to placate the public, the word is out. Every CB that can is buying Gold to ensure their ability to engage in international trade in the coming age.

Currency is the stock of a nation. Which nation's stock would you sell your Gold for?

The Central Banks of the World know that too. And they can't stand competition

Roadmap to Financial Serfdom:

Good Luck




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