Gold Should Be Much Worse, But it's Not!


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Tape Watching with George Gero

  • Gold  steady in face of FED expected rate hikes soon,
  • Seems to be already discounting rate hikes, stronger dollar, and upcoming monthly jobs reports.
  • When you see higher volume, higher open interest(440217 in futures and over 1,033,823 in options), it is a signal that funds are nibbling and commodities are being more bullish Silver at 195258,copper 268824,
  • April-June gold spread out a little 330,
  • gold-silver 69.10
  •  gold-plat at 233.20.
  • Buying the dips seems what traders have been doing.

Gold: It Could Be Much Worse, But it's Not

Higher Lows against Lower RSI's


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