Jobs Disappoint- Gold Jumps

UPDATE: August payrolls +151K, Exp. +180K

Big Miss: 

  • Payrolls Rise By Only 151,000;
  • Hourly Earnings Growth Disappoints
  • Gold spikes $12 to trade $1329
  • Good For Hillary


worst since 2010

  1. FOMC directer Fischer made Aug jobs a big focus with his post Yellen support at J-Hole. The market took him seriously
  2. Then he hedged himself with a Bloomberg interview afterwards saying: " We also look at markets"
  3. Consumer Confidence came out Bullish- reason to raise rates
  4. ISM came out bearish- reason to not raise rates
  5. Fed has chosen jobs, the most unreliable and volatile number for its Stand. Unreliable because it is so volatile lately that we do not think anyone could read a single number let alone find a pattern to justify an action
  6. Which while adjusting our tinfoil hats we say this: BRILLIANT- the Fed can spin the number any way it wants.

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So good luck today

ask yourself why the FRB would base its decision for a Sept rate hike on this number?- EDIT: and The jobs number unreliability does not FAIL to disappoint us


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