Exchange Newswire for Jan 6th

 Exchange Newswire Daily

TMX announced the sale of risk management business Razor Risk to UK-based Parabellum Limited.

SEC is looking at custom non-GAAP reporting to see if enforcement action is needed, according to FT.

BSE won SEBI approval for setting up a global clearing corporation in international financial services centre (IFSC) at Gujarat’s GIFT city.

China commodity exchanges prepare to introduce commodity options contracts after regulatory approval.

US Chamber of Commerce called on the Federal Reserve to scrap a proposal to limit banks’ trading in commodities.

LCH SwapClear saw a 25% increase in clearing volumes in 2016.

The National Futures Association (NFA) announced that its new transparency rules regarding trade data disclosure around FX transactions are to come into force in March 2017.

Former MF Global Jon Corzine agreed to a lifetime ban from the futures industry to settle a US lawsuit. Corzine reached a $5 Million settlement with CFTC.

Hyperledger Project, the collaborative effort to develop open-source blockchain solutions and standards has set up a working group as an extended arm in China.

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