Exchange News: CME adds FX Futures as OTC pressure grows


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ROFEX and MATba, Argentina’s futures exchanges, agreed to interconnect their markets and increase specialization to avoid fragmentation of liquidity. Matba will offer agriculture futures contracts while Rofex will offer financial futures contracts. Reported El Cronista.

CME launched AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, JPY and EUR/GBP monthly futures contracts.

WSE appointed Rafał Antczak as president of the Board of the exchange. The General Meeting has decided to dismiss from the Exchange Management Board Małgorzata Zaleska.

ASX Company Secretary, Marcin Firek, resigned effective today.

MCX and NCDEX won SEBI approval to launch castor seed contracts.

SEC: Donald Trump has nominated Jay Clayton, a partner at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP, to become chairman at the SEC. Trump also claims to undo many regulation which have stifled investment in American businesses. Reported by The Trade.

Tougher OTC rules such as variation margin rules or stricter capital rules on banks would drive trading from OTC to exchanges during 2017. Reported by The Trade.

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