Why Is Trump Always Looking For Trouble? – Hedge Fund Billionaire Comments

Billionaire hedge fund manager Ray Dalio says he’s more and more worried about Trump and his actions.Ray Dalio

The more I see Donald Trump moving toward conflict rather than cooperation, the more I worry about him harming his presidency and its effects on most of us,” the founder of the $160-billion Bridgewater Associates said in a LinkedIn post Monday morning.

Dalio said he’s concerned about the president’s policies and his focus on “what’s good for the part” versus “what’s good for the whole.”

By ‘the whole,’ I mean the whole ecosystem, the whole world community, and whole of the US, and by ‘the part,’ I mean the part of the US that he is presumably trying to help,” he explained.

To understand what the POTUS is doing, Dalio said he’s comparing the presidency to other “populists” in the past, and is paying special attention to how Trump will approach conflict.

Sometimes conflict produces better results and sometimes it produces worse results for the people who are pursuing it to get what they want, he noted.

In an ideal Dalio world, the best approach would be to be more cooperative with the international community, “in order to make the pie bigger, and then cooperatively and competitively divide up the pie.”

“I believe that we are connected to our whole ecology, our whole world community, and our whole United States, such that it pays to be in symbiotic relationships with them—so, I'm concerned about his path,” he added.

“I am especially concerned about the consequences of his pursuing so much conflict.”

However, not all his comments on the 45th President were negative…

“I see some encouraging moves on his part (e.g., to pursue public-private partnerships to rebuild infrastructure).”

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