Pushback Against Neocons Funded by Koch Brother "Realists"

SKG Comment:

Koch Brothers claim to be libertarians. For the record they:

  • Opposed the Iraq War and Patriot Act,
  • Voted for the 2008 Bank bailouts.
  • Charles was a founder of the Cato institute, while his brother was a libertarian candidate years ago.
  • Their interests are always oil centered

Judging them to not be libertarians because of the  bank bailout is being too black and white. But their personal agenda is at the forefront of their minds if not spoken out loud.

To us like most politicians with business interests the Koch Bros are ideologically flexible. Tea Party people were hijacked by interests that used them to increase power through  vote grabbing. Koch and folks like Paul Ryan are examples of this to some  extent.

Koch getting more vocal  politically is symptomatic of a bigger trend. We will see businessmen getting into politics directly gain  soon. Remember Jon Corzine? We will see Zuckerberg, Koch, Bezos and others get more  involved  sooner rather than later. Trump can do it, why not them?...Just Sayin'


RPI- Are the foreign policy "Realists" the answer to our rampant foreign interventionism? The Koch Institute thinks so and according to a recent Washington Post report is spending several million dollars to promote "restraint" and "selective engagement." But isn't "Realism" just another form of interventionism? Who gets to pick and choose when to intervene and on whose behalf? Realism and its problems on today's Liberty Report...


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