News Brief: O'Reilly Out, French Racism, and Dems Miss

O'Reilly Out, French Racism, and Ossoff Misses


Goings-On in Congress: House Oversight Committee chair Jason Chaffetz announced today that he wouldn’t seek reelection next year in Utah, surprising both his supporters and the critics who say he hasn’t been hard enough on the president (an issue we explored in a profile last month). Meanwhile, the special election in Georgia’s sixth congressional district is advancing to a runoff after Democrat Jon Ossoff didn’t quite beat out Republican Karen Handel—who seems to owe her success in a crowded field partly to her distance from Trump. But the lawmakers in Congress now have a more pressing concern: If they can’t strike a bipartisan budget deal, the government will shut down on April 29—just as Trump marks 100 days in office.

The French Far Right: National Front candidate Marine Le Pen is expected to advance through the first round of France’s presidential elections on Sunday—the second woman in history to do so. Her gender has been an unexpected asset: Though she’s criticized by many feminist groups, she’s used feminist rhetoric to rebrand her far-right party as mainstream and modern. She’s also portrayed Jews and Muslims as dangerous “others”—while pitting the two religious groups against each other.

Ethan Katz:

Lest we think that the National Front has moved on from Jews to Muslims, Marine Le Pen keeps reminding us that the party always needs to keep both groups in the crosshairs.

O’Reilly Out: Fox News host Bill O’Reilly was fired today over the multiple allegations of sexual harassment against him. He’s the network’s biggest star, and his loss will likely be a major blow to Fox—but so was the exodus of advertisers from his program after the allegations arose. Megan Garber explains how his ouster illustrates the uncomfortable convergence of morality and money.


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