HuffPo Editorial: White Men Shouldn't Vote



Could It Be Time To Deny White Men The Franchise?

"This redistribution of the world’s wealth is long overdue, and it is not just South Africa

where white males own a disproportionate amount of wealth."

This is the opening salvo of a Huffington post article written by Shelly Garland, who wait for it.. is a philosophy student.

As if we do not have enough academics telling us what our money should look like, how negative rates are good, and that trucks kill people, not terrorists.

Now we have a post Gloria Steinem feminazi using seemingly innocuous words to make things fair. 

Here is the part that is just ridiculous to us:

It is time to wrestle control of the world back from white males, and the first step will be a temporary restriction of the franchise to them.

If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. It would not be necessary to deny white men indefinitely – the denial of the vote to white men for 20 years (just less than a generation) would go some way to seeing a decline in the influence of reactionary and neo-liberal ideology in the world.

Remember, it is racist to point to radical Islamic theology as a terror driver. But it is perfectly ok to point to WHITE MALES as the cause of our global problems.

There are those with power, and those who seek it on one side. And on the other side, there are those who want to live their lives in peace.This person is just enabling  hate by alleviating her own projected issues. 

Heaven forbid if an Arab were to say " We like that idea, but it is not just men, it is all white western peoples. After all, did not the white Christian woman give birth to the white western male?" What would her reaction be then?

Perhaps Shelly would be happier in the Islamic neighborhoods of Sweden without a burka?


I said "White men can't jump", not can't vote

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