How Did Elon Musk Extend Battery Life of Teslas Fleeing Irma?

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This is not a "nice guy" story. We are not fans of Elon Musk at Soren K Group and have made that clear over the past year. That does not mean we bet against the stock. Because betting against his corporate structural scam is like betting against Werner Braun after NASA adopted him. 

Tesla-The Worst is Yet to Come  is a combination of posts we did last year wherein reality is perpetually suspended for the sake of his snake oil. But do not take it from us. Here is the latest scam in which Musk's Tesla had extra capacity for his cars locked up with software.  Consumers have to pay $4 to $9k to get the ability unlocked. Here are our thoughts before you get the whole story from ZH.

  1. there is nothing wrong with upcharging for more travel distance capacity 
  2. there  is something fishy about charging $4 to $9k to turn it on.. but still not wrong per-se as, this is a market where value to the user at the margin overrides cost to the producer at the margin
  3. There is something definitely wrong with a product that embeds extra charge power without knowing it will capitalize on it. That is bad business risk UNLESS
  4. The incremental cost of including the extra power is already factored into the price of the car, even without that power enabled- Economics?
  5. And therefore the buyer of the car has at least in part already paid for the extra capacity, but pays $4 to $9k to have a switch hit.  

Conclusion: Either Tesla is being run poorly, people are being upcharged on the front end for a rather small incremental production cost and/or and then being re-charged for access to that  extra power.

  • small incremental cost to include the extra power = customer rape on back end
  • large upfront cost to install extra power capacity is priced at low end of power ability = poor business mgt
  • Small (or large) incremental cost to include extra power capacity paid for up front by client and then raped on back end

Its all about scale at Tesla's battery factory. Keep buying status products made by a guy who used your tax money to build a fortune. This is  his contribution back for our governments largesse with your tax dollars. 

Here  is our post picked up by Zerohedge almost a year to the day of this snake-oil salesman's most recent betrayal  of taxpayer support 


Elon Musk Magically Extends Battery Life of Teslas Fleeing Hurricane Irma

ZHE via — In what is either a generous act of charity or an unnerving example of the control Tesla exercises over the vehicles it producers, or perhaps both, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has magically unlocked the batteries of every Tesla in Florida to maximize the distance that people fleeing from Hurricane Irma can travel before stopping to refuel at one of the company’s “superstation” charging centers.

Typically, these types of over-the-air upgrades can cost thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars.

But Musk is temporarily offering full battery capacity to all owners of Model S/X 60/60D vehicles with 75 kilo watt battery packs, according to Electrek, a blog that covers electric vehicles.

The upgrade will surely help Floridians who are still rushing to escape as the now category 3 storm makes its second landfall near Naples. The upgrade will last through Saturday.

As a Tesla spokesperson explained to Electrek, the company decided on the mass-unlocking strategy after a customer called and asked if the company could upgrade his battery because he was trying to flee the storm. Tesla’s Supercharger network is fairly extensive in Florida and most owners should be able to get by even with a Model S 60 (the shortest range option).



A Tesla Model S 60 owner in Florida told Electrek that his Tesla was getting 40 more miles without a charge after Tesla had temporarily unlocked the remaining 15 kilo watts of the car’s software-limited battery pack.

“The company says that a Tesla owner in a mandatory evacuation zone required another ~30 more miles of range to optimize his evacuation route in the traffic and they reached out to Tesla who agreed to a temporary access to the full 75 kWh of energy in the battery pack, an upgrade that has cost between $4,500 and $9,000 depending on the model and time of upgrade.”

The company also decided to temporarily unlock other vehicles with the same software-lock battery packs in the region.

Tesla’s supercharger network is fairly extensive in Florida and most owners should be able to get by even with a Model S 60 (the shortest range option), but sometimes that 30 more miles of range can make a big difference.

Most of the supercharger stations in the state are still open:

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