Gold Rallies to $1217.40 After $9 Run, Retest To Follow

You have Manipulation... But it's the Good Kind

More than 180,000  Gold contracts traded on Comex in the last 2 hours. The price rallied $9.00 on the back of that flow from low to high. "This is NOT manipulation" as our colleague sarcastically said.

Sure we can attribute it to Donald Trump Jr.'s idiocy. Our colleagues point is well taken. But didn't we know that Trump was completely unfit to begin with?

Gold an hour ago


Strongly recommend bookmarking new charts Kitco has HERE

Now as we finish this, it first backed off and is resuming its climb. 

Gold Hourly NOW



Trump is Good For Gold and Good For America

To be clear. Trump is no worse than previous Presidents. He just likes to rub your face in it. He does not play well in the sand box with other corrupt Pols. He is EXACTLY what we need to get this country thinking again. The parties didn't see his election as a clarion call to change. The people are completely duped that he is about anything but himself.

But we are begging you PLEASE DO NOT IMPEACH  HIM. Let him run the course and raise the level  of awareness in our citizens to actually do something about it. Do you want Pence?  Worse, do you want a million unemployed middle aged armed motorcyclists on the white house lawn? Do not impeach.

No, let Trump be the man we need to show us just how broken things are. Then we will get the person we need to lead the movement to take back our country. 

Besides, impeachment might actually kill gold. The threat of it however... We are all for it

Libertarians, the types who spend 40 minutes arguing over the difference between Libertarian vs. libertarianism have swallowed his lesser evil status and are now coating the poison in the same stuff oysters use to try and make a pearl out of it. 

You are wrong. He is a piece of shit. The BEST part is we know it. Break from your egos and admit it, you were duped. Not just the Libertarians; but the shrinking middle class and the poor who think he is on your side. 

Just know that the boil will burst, nut only if we let this man stay put.

Anyway, Gold has cancer, but it is the good kind. Remain Calm

Soren K.

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