Gold Not Nice to Shorts on Valentine’s Day.

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Gold Comment by George Gero

Gold traders , investors,understood the INFLATION word and reacted yesterday triggering buy stops.


  • Recently gold ignored traditional headwinds of higher rates and strong stocks.
  • All this means is we could see higher prices later on after option expiration and back to basics market forces.

Open Interest and  Option Expiration

Open Interest reflects short covering :

  • futures at 530412 not really gaining that much due to some short covering
  • options however at 1,098081.
  • Copper 258585, March-May spreading going on
  • Silver 198081 followed gold yesterday up 2pct,


  • gold-silver 80.40 better
  • plat-palladium-1.00
  • gold-plat 353.70 up 20 recently.

$1350 Gravity:

  • next week Feb 22nd is option expiry
  • $1350 can act as magnet as day approaches. But if repelled will be slingshot
  • historically a “pin” is likely as expiry day approaches.
  • if strike pins- what happens next days can be violent as ITM options must decide if they want to keep their futures positions.

Post Feb 22: Back  to Basics

  • high deficits, infrastructure and other rebuilding of FL,TX,PR,Ca,etc.
  • Markets may be ahead of the FED for now, as higher prices, higher closes, higher open interest and higher commodity prices starting in the supermarkets.

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Cover photo: a thank you left behind by stopped out shorts perhaps?

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