12/11 Exchange Newswire

CBOE: Bitcoin futures went live on Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE). CBOE bitcoin futures triggered circuit breakers and temporary shut down trading, after a+20% increase in price.

CBOE CEO Edward Tilly said regarding Bitcoin products that "one of those potential next steps would be moving into ETFs and ETNs that would take SEC approval." CBOE may use information from futures trading to make a case to the SEC to allow bitcoin-linked ETFs and ETNs, according to Coindesk.com.

LSE began interviewing candidates for CEO, according to FT. A new CEO would refine rather than overhaul the strategy set.

LSE: Leading LSE investor, Aviva, will vote in favor of Chairman Donald Brydon to remain in the role. According to the Telegraph.

B3 BoD approved payment of Interest on Capital of 2017 of R$533m, or R$0.2614 per share on 8-Jan-2017 based on the equity positions as of 21-Dec.

ICE appointed Boudewijn Duinstra as Head of First Line Clearing Risk of ICE Clear Europe. Duinstra joins ICE Clear Europe from ABN AMRO Clearing Bank where he was Global Chief Risk Officer and also served on the board.

SGX will increase derivative trading annual member fees for proprietary trading members from S$2k to as much as S$25k in some cases, beginning in January. Reported by the Financial Times.

IEX will create a new listings category, ‘LTSE Listings on IEX,’ that will provide a specialized set of standards designed for private companies looking to go public while making a commitment to long-term value-creation. Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE) is a new market entrant focused on promoting long-term value creation within public companies. The company plans to do this through listing standards that use additional disclosure and governance.

MOEX released the new versions of the equity and FX markets trader, MICEX Trade SE 3.12.1 and MICEX Trade Currency 3.12.2.

Pakistan SE (PSX) named Richard Morin as CEO, that will take charge on 8-Jan-2018, and a Chinese consortium bought 30% of the exchange, that brought worries about a foreign takeover of PSX. Reported by Pakistan Today.

FX futures appear to be a cheaper alternative to OTC FX trading, according to Greenwich Associates, and potential savings would reach $1.5b annually.

FCMs would ask for extra initial margin requirements for bitcoin futures, above CBOE and CME requirements. Reported by Risk.

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